Ensuring the survival of endangered
plants in the Mediterranean

Seminar in the Agricultural Research Institute presenting the program and the results from the project activities

By Constantinos Nikiforou

On the 17th of September 2014, a seminar was organised in the Agricultural Research Institute, which presented the program and the results from the project activities. The first presentation by Angelos Kyratzis focused on the project activities and on the partner’s profile. The second presentation by Takis Papachrystophorou was about the prioritization procedures followed for the selection of taxa and populations and for seed collecting. The third presentation by Constantinos Nikiforou was about the curation procedures, difficulties encountered during the project and how they have been overcome and on germination results. Many stakeholders attended the meeting, including conservation authorities, staff of the Department of Forests, NGOs active to conservation activities, researchers and staff of the Department of Agriculture. Stakeholders expressed their satisfaction with the results of the project, asked for access to information produced by the project such as cleaning procedures for some taxa, best germination conditions etc…, and expressed their interest in collaboration in the future. After the seminar, an informal meeting was organised with the participation of all stakeholders where a plan was agreed for exploring possibilities for applying for new projects with the involvement of all national agencies.

Presentations by (left to right) Angelos Kyratzis, Takis Papachrystophorou and Constantinos Nikiforou



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Aloha! Would you have an email address for Mr. Takis Papachristophorou? I am hoping to touch base with him regarding the prioritization scheme used to select taxa as we have a scheme as well. I am from the Hawaii Plant Extinction Prevention Program. Thank you very much!
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